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Betty Who // BIG! (Red Vinyl)

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Release Date:  2/3/2023


If you need to know anything about Australian-American pop trailblazer Betty Who, it’s that she is a survivor and an LGBTQ+ icon due to her infectious, always-inclusive artistry. Moving from the rigid major-label machinery to rediscovering her power as an independent artist, Betty Who is primed to kick off her latest, most triumphant chapter on her fourth studio album BIG!

Betty sings with as much pop exuberance as ever on the most open-hearted and personal work she’s ever produced. BIG explores many topics including self-love and acceptance, as well as career perseverance.

Track Listing
  1. BIG     
  2. Weekend        
  3. Hey, It’s Betty 
  4. Blow Out My Candle  
  5. I Can Be Your Man     
  6. She Can Dance           
  7. Someone Else
  8. The Hard Way
  9. One Of Us      
  10. Amelia’s Voicemail     
  11. Grown Ups Grow Apart

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