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Billow Observatory // Stareside (Blue Vinyl)



T he genesis of ambient duo Billow Observatory came in summer 2004, when Denmark's Jonas Munk (also known for his solo project, Manual), was first introduced to Detroit, Michigan's Jason Kolb's work with Auburn Lull. A split EP between Manual and Auburn Lull was discussed, and although this didn't materialize, the duo began exchanging ideas and audio files, finally meeting in person during 2007 when they played a show together in Michigan. As time passed, their work on a debut album began to coalesce into what would become Billow Observatory. The process of following that idea was slow and deliberate, one that required meticulous attention to detail and nuance. The music the duo have created is immersive and somehow timeless, evoking places and ambiences as exotic as some of those that give the songs their names.


Release Date:  5/6/2022

Track Listing
  1. Inner Citadel
  2. Sink the Outlook
  3. Vantage Low
  4. Wash Away the Dust
  5. Osar
  6. Havel
  7. Stareside
  8. Red Morning
  9. In a Stream

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