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Billy F Gibbons // Hardware

Concord Records



Black or Apple Red Vinyl. Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and ZZ Top frontman, Billy F Gibbons, wants to take you on a desert trip. Hardware is Billy’s 3rd solo release. He compiled a group of A-listers, including Matt Sorum (drums) and Austin Hanks (guitar), and headed to Pioneertown in the California desert to record the album. Hardware features the guitar prowess and vocals that have made Billy a legend but also shows him stretching his musical landscape past the place where the road ends.

Release Date: 6/4/2021

Track Listing
  1. Track
  2. My Lucky Card
  3. She’s On Fire
  4. More-More-More
  5. Shuffle, Step & Slide
  6. Vagabond Man
  7. Spanish Fly
  8. West Coast Junkie
  9. Stackin’ Bones
  10. I Was A Highway
  11. S-G-L-M-B-B-R
  12. Hey Baby, Que Paso
  13. Desert High

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