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Black Map // Melodoria (White Vinyl)

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The trio Metal Hammer described as a "progressive supergroup," delivers a defining work. Ben Flanagan (The Torch Fire), Mark Engles (dredg) and Chris Robyn (Far) sound captivatingly explosive and meditative in equal measure, widening sonic horizons with boundless urgency and fearless determination. Melodoria is ambitious, expansive, and altogether mesmerizing. Produced by Black Map with Zach Ohren (Machine Head, The Ghost Inside, Set Your Goals), mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin, Senses Fail, The Bronx), and recorded at various studios in the band's native Bay Area, Melodoria is a rich offering that's heavy in both sound and spirit.


Release Date:  3/18/2022

Track Listing
  1. Chasms
  2. Super Deluxe
  3. Nothing Over Me
  4. Capture the Flag
  5. Madness
  6. Witching Hour
  7. Left for Dead
  8. In the Wires
  9. Burnout (Do You Mind?)
  10. Melodoria

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