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Bonnie Li // Le Bleu Du Rouge

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Hong Kong born German based Bonnie Li, writes, composes and sings her melancholic and touching ‘Trip Pop’ in three languages (English, French &
Chinese Mandarin), giving her music a multi-lingual cinematic experience described as "smoky Portishead-esque glittery Trip Hop. Bonnie Li is ready to
release her second full-length album 'Le Bleu du Rouge', which translates to “The blue within the red” and the artist herself describes as “a stroll on the
amorous shores“. Indie Exclusive Black LP.


Release Date:  4/22/2022

Track Listing
  1. All About You
  2. Ta Couronne
  3. Market of Nothing
  4. Please Let Me Go
  5. So Hard
  6. Chinese Talk
  7. Photosensible
  8. After the Cognac
  9. Stalker

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