Brad Breeck // Gravity Falls (2LP)

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Release Date:  12/16/2022 (Pushed from 6/17/2022)


In the grand tradition of Gravity Falls, we’re taking a cue from Grunkle Stan and keeping this product description a wee bit cryptic. After all, the proprietor of the Mystery Shack wouldn’t dare reveal all of his secrets in a single breath. Instead, as part of the price of admission (i.e. pre-ordering this decadently vague musical recording), you, dear pre-purchaser, will be invited along on a journey through the unknown with iam8bit, Walt Disney Records, creator Alex Hirsch and composer Brad Breeck.  

Track Listing

[A Side]
01. Gravity Falls Theme Song
02. Let's Rewind
03. Gobblewonker Chase
04. Pig Is Soos
05. Book Discovery - Gideon's Theme
06. Wax Battle
07. Boyz Crazy Medley
08. Let's Do This
09. Is It Bottomless - Triangulum Entagulum
10. ybmaL A stnaW ohW
11. Fight Fighters - Battle Suite
12. Blanchin'

[B Side]
01. Finally I Have Them All
02. Gideon's Song
03. It's All Let Up To This
04. Working Girls
05. Gnome Chase
06. Gideon Rises - End Credits
07. Who's That Girl
08. Fiddleford Hadron Magucket
09. Stan Wrong Song
10. A Very Tricky Triangle
11. DISCO GIRL (dub)

[C Side]
01. A World of Enchantment or Whatever - I Came Up With A Plan
02. The Two Kids Who Ruined My Life
03. Everything Changes Today
05. Blackened Skies
06. Don't Let Them Escape
07. I Wanna Be Exes
08. I Need That Machine To Stay On
09. Yeah Dude Friends - Your Fighting Only Makes Us Look More Rad
10. Takin' Over 2 Nite

[D Side]
01. Mabel It's Bill
02. Goat and a Pig
03. Weirdmageddon Pt. 1 - Suite
04. Giggle Creek
05. Bill Tricked Me
06. My Heart Is Made of Rainbows
07. I'm a Flippin' Corduroy
08. Saying Goodbye to Gravity Falls
09. Weirdmageddon Pt. 4 - End Credits
10. Grvatiy lFals ehTme (s'lliB deppohC dna dewercS ximeR)
11. We'll Meet Again

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