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BRAIDS // Deep In The Iris

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Arbutus Records

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There's placid grace to Deep In The Iris, the third and latest full-length by Braids, but don't let that fool you. Something's churning beneath the album's calm, cool surface. Unlike Flourish // Perish, the Montreal trio's icy, challenging record from 2013, Deep In The Iris represents a thaw: Throughout its nine songs, singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston and her cohorts Taylor Smith and Austin Tufts infuse skittering, Björk-like art-rock with melodic allure, confessional directness and quivering warmth. Where Flourish // Perish used prickly electronics and cavernous arrangements to hold humanity at arm's length, Deep In The Iris turns those same elements into lulling hymns to cleansing and redemption. Braids is not only more approachable than ever; it's downright magnetic. - NPR



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“There are songs that take your breath away and leave you feeling empty, completely unaware of your surroundings, resigned to an artist's willingness to share a tiny shard of themselves. “Miniskirt” is one of those songs.” - Stereogum
"Complex listening that never gets too wrapped up in its own ideas, Braids here discover a perfect balance." - Q Magazine
“If “Miniskirt” is anything to go by, then Deep In The Iris could well be one of the most thought-provoking, body-moving and downright important albums of 2015." - Portals

[ Album Information ]

Black LP + 16 Page Lyric and Photo-book


- Track List -
Side A: Letting Go - Taste - Blondie - Happy When
Side B: Miniskirt - Getting Tired - Sore Eyes - Bunny Rose - Warm Like Summer


Release Date: April 28, 2015
Record Label: Arbutus

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