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Brasstracks // Golden Ticket (Deluxe Edition 2 LP)


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Brasstracks have released their highly anticipated debut studio album, shimmering with jazz trumpet and horns, aptly named Golden Ticket. The album fuses contemporary jazz with hip hop and R & B, resulting in a diverse album, but one that never loses the groove. Featuring a vast array of talented musicians and vocalists, the Brasstracks duo has put in a ton of work to make these collaborations shine.

Release Date: 4/2/2021

Track Listing
  1. Basket Case
  2. Hold Ya
  3. Nothing Better
  4. Will Call
  5. Not Far Away
  6. Disco Break
  7. Change For Me
  8. Guidelines
  9. Missed Your Call
  10. Disco Break 2
  11. Golden Ticket
  12. Movie
  13. Three Steps

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