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Buddy Holly // The Chirping Crickets

Warner Music Group

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200gm vinyl LP pressing. Buddy Holly was without a doubt one of the greatest, most inventive artists in the first wave of rock & roll and his profound influence on popular music is staggering. It all started with his group The Crickets, comprised of a 21-year-old Holly on lead vocals/lead guitar, Niki Sullivan on rhythm guitar, Joe Mauldin on bass and Jerry Allison on drums. Originally issued on Brunswick Records in 1957, their cornerstone debut, The "Chirping" Crickets, was the group's lone release during Holly's far too short lifetime, but it left a major mark with No. 1 single "That'll Be the Day" as well as Top Ten hit "Oh, Boy!" and further Crickets classics like "Not Fade Away," "Maybe Baby" and "I'm Looking for Someone to Love." Melding country, rockabilly and R&B into what we now call rock & roll, The "Chirping" Crickets stands tall alongside landmark debuts like Elvis Presley and Meet the Beatles for it's visionary songs and musical impact.

Track Listing

  1. Oh, Boy!
  2. Not Fade Away
  3. You've Got Love
  4. Maybe Baby
  5. It's Too Late
  6. Tell Me How
  7. hat'll Be the Day
  8. I'm Looking for Someone to Love
  9. An Empty Cup (And a Broken Date)
  10. Send Me Some Lovin?
  11. Last Night
  12. Rock Me My Baby

Release Date: 5/5/2017

Category: Album, Buddy Holly, Rock