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Chet Faker // Built On Glass

Downtown Records

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Type: Album

[ Overview ]

From the east side to the west side (of the Internet), Nick Murphy a.k.a. Chet Faker shook things up in 2011 with his No Diggity cover and has been riding the hype machine ever since. Having only an EP to his name, Chet Faker went on to win several awards and collaborated with one of the top deep house producers in Australia, Flume, on Lockjaw, an EP that leaves listeners calling out for more from the duo.

Murphy’s roots lie in his mother’s affinity for Motown grooves and his father’s habit of spinning chill-out tracks around the house, which comes full circle in the first Chet Faker LP, Built on Glass. The mellow and down-tempo production married with R&B affections and yearning melodies combine to create a stand out record to be embraced. Murphy shows all of his colors through the versatility of his tracks. The warmth of Murphy’s vocals throughout tracks like Release your Problems and Cigarettes & Loneliness hold your hand through the soulful melancholy surrounding the songs. The exceptionally complex, brilliant and technically perfected track Talk is Cheap is a layered house song that dives into warm waters of brass instrumentals and mood setting vocals that make you feel right at home. Melt comes infused with sizzling vocals from Brooklyn’s own Kilo Kish partnered with precisely executed dub-bass drops, while To Me is a bluesy tune laced with a gloomy base line (and also a vinylmnky favorite).

The dexterity of this album comes from not only what Murphy decides to put in to it, but also in what he decides to leave out. The empty spaces within the tracks are perfectly and deliberately spaced around the notes and the overall finesse of the album makes for a debut record to be rivaled.


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[ Album Information ]

2 180g LP - Clear


- Track List -
Side A: Release Your Problems - Talk is Cheap - No Advice (Airport Versioin)
Side B: Melt - Gold - To Me - /
Side C: Blush - 1998 - Cigarettes & Loneliness
Side D: Lesson in Patience - Dead Body


Release Date: April 11, 2014
Record Label: Downtown