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Childish Gambino // "Awaken, My Love!"

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On Donald Glover’s latest project as Childish Gambino, he ditches rap for lovingly produced funk worship, resulting in his most enjoyable project yet. The chastening socio-political landscape in America provides the scenery for "Awaken, My Love!", but there remains a vein of positivity and love. On Stand Tall, Have Some Love, Baby Boy and throughout he offers an alternate, more internal, revolution of the heart and soul, inspired by his family and their music and time. The album cover, a day glo pastiche of Maggot Brain, but in which his eyes roll back as much in psychomusical evaluation, as it in looking to the self. Perhaps an album about a revolution of the heart had to take the form closest to his own.


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[ Album Information ]
2 180g Black 45 RPM LPs
Glow in the Dark Cover
Exclusive Booklet
VR Headset
Exclusive Access to Virtual Reality Live Performances
- Track List -
Side A: Me and Your Mama - Have Some Love - Boogieman
Side B: Riot - Zombies - Redbone
Side C: California - Terrified - Baby Boy
Side D: The Night Me and Your Mama Met - Stand Tall


Release Date: December 2, 2016
Record Label: Glassnote

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