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CHVRCHES // Every Open Eye LP


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Type: Album

// If choosing the framed option, the record is framed professionally, using all wood profiles, archival matting and premium, non-glare acrylic. The cover artwork is presented in full, while the actual vinyl peeks out of the sleeve. The album can be removed at any time, but replacing it would require professional mounting. Outer dimensions of each frame are 25.5" x 17.5"

[ Overview ]

CHVRCHES ascension since first sharing The Bones of What You Believe two years ago has been both undeniable and unstoppable. What’s even more profound is that the trio of Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty, and Iain Cook are behind every aspect of CHVRCHES. From the intellectually passionate and empowered lyrics, to the outrageously infectious synth-laced melodies and back down again to the captivating and ethereal atmospheres - everything is internal, because frankly, that’s what bands are supposed to do.

The album starts off with incredible force in a stellar anthem of resilience, Never Ending Circles. With a backing of fierce electric production, Mayberry seizes control and makes everyone aware of her new found enthusiasm and focus as she exclaims, “I’ll go my way if I’m going at all”. Every Open Eye doesn’t show any restraint from there. As the album moves forward, the tracks build upon one another and all carry the thematic undertones of empowerment and maintaining control. There’s the completely and ineffably liberating Leave a Trace where Mayberry finds closure in this “middle finger mic drop” of a track aimed at a previous partner. The song cleanses with coruscating synths and powerful emotional tones as it covers the end-point of a relationship where there’s no chance of resolve and no rationale for continuing. The album continues with the slow burn of Clearest Blue where Mayberry’s assuring voice confidently balances fragility and strength between carefully crafted melodies. Every Open Eye is defiant but euphoric, convivial but assertive, festive but pensive, and ultimately everything that CHVRCHES stands for.

There’s a definite symbiosis between this trinity that altogether represents a holistic entity encompassing what it truly means to be a band. With the release of Every Open Eye, one thing is for certain – CHVRCHES fully owns their path, their trajectory, and future. Rest assured, they’ll go their way if they’re going at all.


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[ Reviews ]
""The record feels like the kind a band releases just before it takes off. If Every Open Eyes turns out to be Chvrches’ breakthrough album, no one should be surprised."" - A.V. Club


""More confident in their own musical skins, it all adds together to make Every Open Eye a second album even better than the first."" - DIY Magazine


""Every Open Eye is another album you can throw on at a party to get everyone dancing just as easily as you could pensively listen to it alone in your bedroom. They translate so well because they know what they want to say, and one can only hope they keep saying it for some time."" - Paste


[ Album Information ]
180G Virgin White LP
- Track List -
Side A: Never Ending Circles - Leave a Trace - Keep You On My Side - Make Them Gold - Clearest Blue
Side B: High Enough To Carry You Over – Empty Threat – Down Side of Me – Playing Dead – Bury It - Afterglow


Release Date: September 25, 2015
Record Label: Glassnote

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