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Coin // Dreamland (Blue LP)

Commitee For Sound

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Since breaking through with 'Talk Too Much' (Top 10 on Billboard's US Alternative Songs chart), Coin, the Nashville-based band, has toured relentlessly across the world, bringing their sing-along heavy live set to frenzied crowds. With over 300 Million global streams, Entertainment Weekly stamped that Coin is "a prime example of just how sweet Indie Alt-Pop can sound when it's done right."

Release Date:  6/26/2020

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. Into My Arms
  2. I Want It All
  3. Simple Romance
  4. Crash My Car
  5. Dreamland Sequence
  6. Cemetery
  7. Youuu
  8. Valentine
  9. Nobody's Baby
  10. Never Change
  11. Strawberry Sunset
  12. Lately III
  13. Babe Ruth
  14. Heaven Hearted
  15. Let It All Out (10:05)

Category: Album, Coin, Rock

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