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Dashboard Confessional // The Swiss Army Romance

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Dashboard Confessional's highly sought-after 2000 debut album, The Swiss Army Romance, took the punk and emo rock world by storm, becoming an instant classic amongst the angsty and emotional. This collection of emo anthems, kick started by smash hit "Screaming Infidelities' ', was the beginning of a journey that would lead Chris Carrabba from a bedroom and DIY performer to a global sensation.


Release Date:  8/28/2020

Track Listing
  1. Screaming Infidelities
  2. The Sharp Hing of New Tears
  3. Living in Your Letters
  4. The Swiss Army Romance
  5. Turpentine Chaser
  6. A Plain Morning
  7. Age Six Racer
  8. Again I Go Unnoticed
  9. Ender Will Save Us All
  10. Shirts and Gloves
  11. Not So Easy

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