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Denzel Curry // Zuu

Loma Vista


Instead of crafting another album filled with wide-ranging sounds, Curry narrows his purview to Miami-Dade County. The Carol City native dives headfirst into the influential style of Miami’s past and catapults it into future with own spin on his latest album.


Release Date:  8/9/2019

Track Listing
  1. Zuu
  2. Ricky
  3. Wish (Feat. Kiddo Marv)
  4. Birdz (Feat. Rick Ross)
  5. Automatic
  6. Speedboat
  7. Bushy B Interlude
  8. Yoo
  9. Carolmart (Feat. Ice Billion Berg)
  10. Shake 88 (Feat. Sam Sneak)
  11. Blackland 66.6
  12. P.A.T. (Feat. Playthatboizay)

    Category: Album, Denzel Curry, Hip Hop, Rap