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Devonte Hynes // We Are Who We Are (Blue Vinyl, 2 LP)

Milan Records


Original Series Soundtrack (Colored Vinyl, Blue 2 LP) WE ARE WHO WE ARE (ORIGINAL SERIES SCORE) featuring music by producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and vocalist DEVONTÉ HYNES includes 12 score tracks written by Hynes for HBO®’s new coming-of-age drama series, as well as four previously released instrumental tracks from acclaimed composers Julius Eastman and John Adams. From Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name).

Release Date:  3/26/2021

Track Listing
  1. The Long Ride II
  2. Let Yourself Go I
  3. The Last Day
  4. Let Yourself Go II
  5. Fraser's Bedroom
  6. He Just Left
  7. Notte Transfigurata I
  8. The Long Ride I
  9. Good Job, Solider
  10. Amorous Love
  11. Notte Transfigurata II
  12. Body Of Me
  13. Julius Eastman - Stay On It
  14. Julius Eastman - Gay Guerrilla
  15. John Adams - Century Rolls: II. Manny's Gym
  16. John Adams - Two Fanfares for Orchestra / Short Ride In A Fast Machine
  17. Prince - The Love We Make
  18. Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey - Why Must the Show Go On
  19. Anna Oxa - A Lei
  20. Klaus Nomi - Keys of Life
  21. Klaus Nomi - Lightning Strikes
  22. Arto Lindsay - Child Prodigy
  23. John Adams - Three Weeks and I'm Still Outta My Mind
  24. CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - Emilia Paranoica
  25. Blood Orange - Time Will Tell
  26. Kip Hanrahan - Child Song
  27. Francesca Scorsese - Soldier of Love

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