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DOROTHY // Gifts From The Holy Ghost

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Gifts From The Holy Ghost, Dorothy Martin’s third studio album as frontwoman for the pseudonymous rock band Dorothy, is the album she’s always wanted to make. Born from a sense of diving urgency, it’s their most bombastic rock n’ roll work yet. While their debut album was made on a combination of whiskey and heartbreak, Gifts was built on sobriety, health, and spiritualism, in a way that reverses the clichéd “good girl gone bad” narrative. It features the Top 40 Rock track, “Rest in Peace.”


Release Date:  4/22/2022

Track Listing
  1. A Beautiful Life
  2. Big Guns
  3. Rest In Pease
  4. Top Of The World
  5. Hurricane
  6. Close To Me Always
  7. Black Sheep
  8. Touched By Fire
  9. Made To Die
  10. Gifts From The Holy Ghost

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