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dvsn // SEPT 5TH

[ Tribe Exclusive: Album Lithograph ]

Warner Music Group

Category: Breakthrough Records, R&B

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[ TRIBE EXCLUSIVE: Album Lithograph ]

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A duo made up of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 (best known for his work on Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home and Hotline Bling), dvsn pull together everything that makes Toronto a hub for numb, sexually charged, left-field R&B. With ten tracks clocking in at 47 minutes, dvsn's debut sounds daring, resourceful and fashionable (in the most flattering manner). Although peers like Miguel and PartyNextDoor seem fixated on Marvin Gaye's '70s sexual healing period, there's a certain rawness and vulnerability to Daley's delivery.

But it's Nineteen85 and Noah '40' Shebib's slick production style that helps gives much of SEPT. 5TH its distinctiveness, as they weave sparse, dazed beats with trap drums (Try/Effortless), echoed robotic effects (In + Out) and transcendent choir vocals (The Line). On SEPT. 5th, dvsn establish themselves as the cutting edge of post-millennial soul music, electrifying, absorbing and, at their best, downright mind-blowing.


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[ Album Information ]
2 Black LPs (Explicit)
- Track List -
Side A: With Me - Too Deep - Lips
Side B: Try/Effortless, Do It Well, In + Out
Side C: SEPT 5th - Hallucinations - Another One
Side D: Angela - The Line


Release Date: June 24, 2016
Record Label: Warner Music Group

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