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Earth, Wind & Fire // Earth, Wind & Fire

Warner Music Group


Limited 140gm vinyl LP pressing. Earth, Wind, & Fire is the self-titled debut album by the group, originally released in 1971. The music on this album is much tougher and more raw than the sound the group later became famous for. Earth, Wind & Fire is an American band that has spanned the musical genres of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop, rock, Latin and African. They are one of the most successful bands of the 20th century. Rolling Stone Magazine described them as "innovative, precise yet sensual, calculated yet galvanizing" and declared that the band "changed the sound of black pop".

Track Listing

  1. Help Somebody
  2. Moment of Truth
  3. Love Is Life
  4. Fan the Fire
  5. C'mon Children
  6. This World Today
  7. Bad Tune

Release Date: 7/22/2016

Category: Album, Earth, R&B, Wind & Fire

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