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Empress Of // Me

Warner Music Group


Vinyl LP pressing. "Can I make it clear?" Lorely Rodriguez asks within the opening moments of her debut album, ME. If clarity is what she seeks, Lorely has found it: her voice upfront, every word audible and strong. Her singular voice is the centerpiece of ME, her first full-formed vision of an album, following her previously shorter and more abstract releases as Empress Of. Where her previous recordings worked in moody abstractions, layered soundscapes hinting at a voice deep under the surface, Me plays out like diary entries from one female voice musing on the personal, the political, and all the middle ground between. Bringing to life her unique blend of deeply personal yet incredibly celebratory dance music.

Track Listing

  1. Everything Is You
  2. Water Water
  3. Standard
  4. How Do You Do It
  5. To Get By
  6. Kitty Kat
  7. Need Myself
  8. Make Up
  9. Threat
  10. Icon

Release Date: 9/11/2015

Category: Album, Empress Of, Pop

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