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Fleetwood Mac // 50 Years - Don't Stop

- Track List -

Full Length Vinyl I

Side A: Shake Your Moneymaker - Black Magic Woman - Need Your Love So Bad - Albatross - Man of the World
Side B: Oh Well Pt. 1 - Rattlesnake Shake - The Green Manalishi - Tell Me All The Things You Do - Station Man

Full Length Vinyl II

Side A: Sands of Time - Spare Me a Little of Your Love - Sentimental Lady - Did You Ever Love Me - Emerald Eyes
Side B: Hypnotized - Heroes Are Hard to Find - Monday Morning - Over My Head - Rhiannon

Full Length Vinyl III

Side A: Say You Love Me - Landslide - Go Your Own Way - Dreams - Second Hand News
Side B: Don't Stop - The Chain - You Make Loving Fun - Tusk - Sara

Full Length Vinyl IV

Side A: Think About Me - Fireflies - Never Going Back Again - Hold Me - Gypsy
Side B: Love In Store - Oh Diane - Big Love - Seven Wonders - Little Lies

Full Length Vinyl V

Side A: Everywhere - As Long As You Follow - Save Me - Love Shines - Paper Doll
Side B: I Do - Silver Springs - Peacekeeper - Say You Will - Sad Angel

- Album Information -
LP - Black

// If choosing the framed option, the record is framed professionally, using all wood profiles, archival matting and premium, non-glare acrylic. The cover artwork is presented in full, while the actual vinyl peeks out of the sleeve. The album can be removed at any time, but replacing it would require professional mounting. Outer dimensions of each frame are 25.5" x 17.5"

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