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Friendship // Love The Stranger (Indie Exclusive)

Merge Records


The vital new album and Merge debut of Friendship, the Philly-via-Maine outfit led by accomplished songwriter Dan Wriggins. A collection of alt-country songs driving the witty, gritty poetry of pioneers like Kath Bloom and Vic Chesnutt across a 21st century DIY terrain. (Colored Vinyl, Blue, White, Indie Exclusive, Digital Download Card) 

Release Date:  7/29/2022

Track Listing
  1. St. Bonaventure
  2. What's the Move
  3. Blue Canoe
  4. Hank
  5. Chomp Chomp
  6. Love's
  7. No Way
  8. Alive Twice
  9. Quickchek
  10. Ramekin
  11. Mr. Chill
  12. Udf
  13. Ryde
  14. Season
  15. Kum & Go
  16. Ugly Little Victory
  17. Smooth Pursuit

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