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Geese // 3D Country (Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl)



Release Date:  6/23/2023


In the summer of 2021, Geese emerged from out of nowhere, sparking a hype cycle unlike anything that had been seen for a young American rock band in recent memory. Suddenly a band that had previously planned to release some music, break up, and go away to college was touring the world. And during this entire process, that very same band everyone was getting to know ceased to exist. On a practical level, Geese are still the group we were introduced to in 2021. But spiritually, Geese have returned as an entirely different prospect. Their new album 3D Country is the sound of a restless, adventurous band redefining themselves. 

Track Listing
  1. 2122
  2. 3D Country
  3. Cowboy Nudes
  4. I See Myself
  5. Undoer
  6. Crusades
  7. Gravity Blues
  8. Mysterious Love
  9. Domoto
  10. Tomorrow's Crusades
  11. St. Elmo

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