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Glass Animals // Dreamland (Blue LP)




Glass Animals -"Dreamland" Republic Records; Overview: Amassing over 2 billion streams, British four-piece Glass Animals is led by singer/songwriter/producer Dave Bayley with bandmates and childhood friends Joe Seaward, Ed Irwin-Singer & Drew MacFarlane. A fan favorite, their album How To Be A Human Being was one of the most critically acclaimed records of 2016. Now, Glass Animals is back with new album, DREAMLAND. Featuring hit singles "Tokyo Drifting" with Denzel Curry and "Your Love (Déjà Vu)". Indie Exclusive LP pressed on blue 180-gram vinyl. EXPLICIT

Release Date:  7/10/2020

Track Listing
  1. (Disc 1) Dreamland

  2. Tangerine

  3. ((Home Movie: 1994))

  4. Hot Sugar

  5. ((Home Movie: BTX))

  6. Space Ghost Coast to Coast

  7. Tokyo Drifting (With Denzel Curry)

  8. Melon and the Coconut

  9. Your Love (DÉJÀ Vu)

  10. (Disc 2) Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth

  11. It's All So Incredibly Loud

  12. ((Home Movie: Rockets))

  13. Domestic Bliss

  14. Heat Waves


  15. (Home Movie: Shoes on))

  16. Helium

Category: Album, Glass Animals, Rock

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