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Grace Ives // Janky Star

Harvest Records

Release Date:  11/11/2022


Janky Star is the new album from pop-polymath Grace Ives, following 2019’s critically acclaimed 2nd. The 10 tracks are full of punchy synths and unconventional rhythms, but Ives uses the quiet spaces in between to honestly reflect on her ongoing struggle to find stability and happiness. Touching on sobriety, overdoses, and the desire to escape from the realities of modern life, Janky Star focuses on the rewards of slowing down and finally finding a home for herself in the ever-shifting world.

Track Listing
  1. Isn't It Lovely
  2. Loose
  3. Burn Bridges
  4. Angel Of Business
  5. Lazy Day
  6. Shelly
  7. Back In LA
  8. On The Ground
  9. Win Win
  10. Lullaby

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