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Graham Day // Master Of None

Harmonia Mundi


Acid Jazz subsidiary Countdown Records presents a new release from Graham Day: ‘Master Of None’ The former Prisoners front man emerged in the Bill Childish / Medway scene. While not enjoying the recognition and commercial success of some of his contemporaries at the time, he has emerged as one of the most enduring and prolific songwriters of the era. ‘Master of None’ is a unique addition to the Graham Day canon, featuring 12 new songs, with all instruments recorded entirely by the man himself – a measure of the depth of talent on display and his continuing creative vision. The Prisoners were regarded as one of the best live bands of their time, and maintain a loyal fan base, for whom this release can be considered vital

Release Date:  3/25/2022

Track Listing
  1. A Rose Thorn Sticking in Your Mind's Eye
  2. Out of Your Narrow Mind
  3. A Master of None
  4. Stranger on a Joyride
  5. I Will Let You Down
  6. A Grain of Sand (That Gets Washed Out to Sea)
  7. You Lied to Me
  8. Eyes Are Upon You
  9. Don't Hide Away
  10. Pointless Things
  11. All That You Became
  12. Time Is Running Out

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