Grandaddy // Sumday: Twunny (Limited Edition 4 LP Box Set)

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Release Date:  9/1/2023


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 2003 breakthrough third LP Sumday, Grandaddy and Dangerbird Records release a limited edition 4LP box set containing the remastered original Sumday album alongside a complete 4-track demo version of Sumday recorded by Jason Lytle, titled Sumday: The Cassette Demos, and a 13-song set of rarities and b-sides, titled Sumday: Excess Baggage. All the LPs in the boxed set are black vinyl.

Track Listing

Disc 1 -

  1. Now It's on
  2. I'm on Standby
  3. The Go in the Go-For-It

Disc 2 -

  1. 22 the Group Who Couldn't Say
  2. Lost on Yer Merry Way
  3. El Caminos in the West

Disc 3 -

  1. Yeah Is What We Had
  2. Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World
  3. Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake

Disc 4 -

  1. O.K. with My Decay
  2. The Warming Sun
  3. The Final Push to the Sum

Disc 5 -

  1. Now It's on (Cassette Demo)
  2. I'm on Standby (Cassette Demo)
  3. The Go in the Go-For-It (Cassette Demo)
  4. The Group Who Couldn't Say (Cassette Demo)
  5. Lost on Yer Merry Way (Cassette Demo)
  6. El Caminos in the West (Cassette Demo)

Disc 6 -

  1. Yeah Is What We Had (Cassette Demo)
  2. Passed Out in a Datsun (Cassette Demo)
  3. Stray Dog and the Chocolate Karaoke
  4. Ok with My Decay (Cassette Demo)
  5. The Warming Sun (Cassette Demo)
  6. The Final Push to the Sum (Cassette Demo)

Disc 7 -

  1. My Little Skateboarding Problem
  2. Now It's on (Recorded for the Colin Murray Show on BBC Radio 1)
  3. Derek Spears
  4. Gettin' Jipped
  5. The Town Where I'm Livin Now
  6. Dearest Descrambler
  7. Build a Box

Disc 8 -

  1. Trouble with a Capital T (Muzak Version)
  2. Sure It Worked
  3. Running Cable at Shiva's
  4. Emit Anymore
  5. I No How You Feel
  6. The Rugged and Splintered Entertainment Center (A Gospel Hymn)

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