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Grover Washington Jr. // Grover Live



Commemorative edition of Grover Live marks 20 years since the passing of Grover Washington Jr., the immensely popular artist largely responsible for creating a bridge between jazz and R&B. Cut in June 1997 at Peekskill, NY’s Paramount Center for the Arts, it captures the essence of Grover’s greatness. With a coterie of ‘A’ class musicians in support, Grover Live demonstrates why he was not only a leader but a pioneer who blended jazz subtleties with the funk of soul. Opaque Gold 180-gram 2LP.

Release Date:  11/27/2020

Track Listing
  1. Winelight w/ Intro [Live]
  2. Take Five (Take Another Five) [Live]
  3. Soulful Strut [Live]
  4. Grover Talks [Live]
  5. Mystical Force [Live]
  6. Uptown [Live]
  7. Sassy Stew [Live]
  8. Grover Talks Again [Live]
  9. Black Frost [Live]
  10. Inner City Blues [Live]
  11. Strawberry Moon [Live]
  12. Inside Moves [Live]
  13. Jamaica [Live]
  14. East River Drive [Live]
  15. Just The Two Of Us [Live]
  16. Sausalito [Live]
  17. Let It Flow (For "Dr. J") [Live]
  18. Mr. Magic [Live]

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