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HOLYCHILD // The Shape of Brat Pop To Come

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On their debut album The Shape Of Brat Pop to Come, HOLYCHILD takes on nothing less than the idea of power dynamics and inequality—be it racial, social status, or gender-motivated. The beats are wild (thanks in no small part to Diller’s stint in Cuba studying Afro-Cuban drumming), and the tongues are placed firmly in cheek. The cover features a naked shot of Nistico, with hundred dollar bills covering her. Meanwhile the censored version is a close up of Nistico's lips as she eats a dollar bill. She confirms that, while provocative, like everything else the band does, these images serve a purpose. On one hand we use sex to sell things,” she muses. “We’re drawing people in by being like, “Look! Sex sex sex!’ And then saying, ‘Sex sells! Why do you buy into that?’ That concept is really fascinating to me. It’s definitely hypocritical, but at the same time I feel like we’re all hypocrites. Nistico assures that while their message is clear, it’s not definitive. After all, we’re all humans, right? At the end of the day HOLYCHILD is about posing questions—not providing answers.



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“...utterly intoxicating.” - The Wild Honey Pie
“Rather than let fans figure out what exactly Holychild is trying to say, they hit you over the head with broad messages, leaving nothing open to interpretation." - Huffington Post
"It’s an immensely satisfying debut and a promising portent of things (and, uh, brat pop) to come." - SPIN


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Clear LP + 12 Page Photo Booklet


- Track List -
Side A: Barbie Nation - Nasty Girls - Happy With Me - Tell Me How It Is - Running Behind - Money All Around
Side B: Monumental Glow - Plastered Smile - Best Friends - Diamonds On The Rebound - Regret You - U Make Me Sick


Release Date: June 2, 2015
Record Label: Glassnote

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