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Honne // Warm on a Cold Night

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Tatemae Recordings

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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Honne embraces that understanding, and takes it even further. Expressing their innermost feelings with us in every rousing verse, Honne vocalizes open wounds within each and every fractured R&B track, and takes us on a late night drive through their steamy electro-soul debut.

Finding a bond through their mutual affinity for Japan and indie R&B sensibilities, long-time friends Andy Clutterbuck (vocals) and James Hatcher (production) formed Honne. Creating songs that envelop the listener in their sensual, stylish, and soulful world, Warm on a Cold Night is the result of that bond. Wrapping the listener in its warm waters, the album thematically graces over affection, new love, heart ache and bruised romantics. The opening track, Warm on a Cold Night, sets the tone for the full album; glimmering with subtle sexuality over a funk framework, the late night smooth talker proclaims, “…you can keep me warm on a cold, cold night.” The entire album seduces with intrigue and composure, while balancing a profound sense of yearning. The achingly slick lead single, Someone That Loves You, is a collaboration with the smoldering Izzy Bizu that provides a pop R&B alternative to the rest of the album. Appealing to both sides of a story of fundamentally forbidden love, Bizu and Clutterbuck alternate between telling their sides of a relationship that’s unattainable. Encased in sensual synths set to an up tempo beat, it’s easy for Someone That Loves You to transport you into their matters of the heart. Finally, the standout, All in the Value is the love-sick anthem that melts listeners in a world of contained heart-break. Embracing us in its abandon, swoon inducing synths glide us through Honne’s battered voice aching over still being in love with someone, when knowing full and well that it’s over.

This is Honne at its core. It’s the fusion of elegance and sexuality, of openness and intimacy, and of affection and grief. Honne has put everything out for the world to see, expressed that which needed to be said, and everything on which silence isn’t the resolve.


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[ Album Information ]
180g Gatefold Gold LP
- Track List -
Side A: Warm on a Cold Night - Til the Evening - Someone that Loves You - All in the Value - Treat You Right - Out of My Control
Side B: Coastal Love - It Ain't Wrong Loving You - The Night - Good Together - One at a Time Please - FHKD


Release Date: July 22, 2016
Record Label: Tatemae Recordings

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