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Japanese Breakfast // Sable (Original Video Game Soundtrack)




A gentle and mostly wordless collection of ambient pop, Michelle Zauner's soundtrack for the indie exploration game is a streamlined glimpse into her versatility as a narrative artist. Michelle Zauner has spent this year in an intensely personal state of mind.


Release Date:  4/1/2022

Track Listing
  1. Main Menu
  2. Glider (from "Sable" Original Video Game Soundtrack)
  3. Better the Mask
  4. The Ewer (Day)
  5. The Ewer (Night)
  6. Eccria (day)
  7. Eccria (Night)
  8. Campfires
  9. Exploration (Ships)
  10. Exploration (Ruins)
  11. Exploration (Nature)
  12. Beetle's Nest
  13. Glow Worm Cave
  14. Pyraustas Ruin
  15. Badlands (Night)
  16. Hakoa (Day)
  17. Hakoa (Night)
  18. Sansee (Day)
  19. Sansee (Night)
  20. Redsee (day)
  21. The Wash (Day)
  22. Chum Lair
  23. Beetle Detour
  24. Machinist's Theme
  25. Cartographer's Theme
  26. Mask Caster's Theme
  27. Mischievous Children
  28. Ibexxi Camp (Day)
  29. Ibexxi Camp (Night)
  30. Burnt Oak Station (Day)
  31. Burnt Oak Station (Night)
  32. Abandoned Grounds

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