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Jeff Russo // Star Trek: Discovery: Season 2 (Interstellar Splatter)

Lakeshore Records


Limited double interstellar splatter colored vinyl LP pressing. Fans have been dying to get their hands on Jeff Russo's Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 score from the beginning. And now it is available on vinyl!

Release Date:  4/9/2021 

      Track List
      1. The Final Frontier
      2. Christopher Pike
      3. What's Wrong
      4. All of Them
      5. I'm Coming Back
      6. Flashback
      7. He'll Never Know Me
      8. The Sphere
      9. Questions
      10. Airlock
      11. Airiam in Space
      12. Fiercely Loyal
      13. What Do They Call You
      14. Pillar of the Past
      15. I Lied
      16. Red Angel
      17. She Was Right
      18. Discovery to Enterprise
      19. Goodbyes
      20. Pike on the Bridge
      21. Ready
      22. Time Traveler
      23. Goodbye, Pike
      24. Spock's Personal Log
      25. Star Trek Discovery End Credits (Season 2 Finale Version)
      26. Many Mudds (Previously Unreleased) [From Short Treks "The Escape Artist"]
      27. Star Trek Short Treks End Credits (Lounge Version) [From Short Treks "The Escape Artist"]

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