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Jets To Brazil // Orange Rhyming Dictionary


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Release Date:  10/13/2017


Limited edition double 180gm LP pressing. Along with adding former Van Pelt guitarist Brian Maryansky to the fold, Jets to Brazil (featuring Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach, Handsome vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Chatelain and Texas Is the Reason drummer Chris Daly) added dimension, savoir faire, and one hell of a grand piano to forge ahead with a breathtaking new direction on their jaw dropping 2000 album Four Cornered Night - encapsulating classic American rock 'n' roll with a nod to the Mods underneath a matchless lyrical gift. Jets to Brazil vinyl has been out of print since their original pressings and is in high demand. The good news is the band's three classic LPs - Orange Rhyming Dictionary (1998), Four Cornered Night (2000) and Perfecting Loneliness (2002) - are finally being reissued.

Track Listing


- Disc 1 –


  1.  Crown of the Valley
  2. Morning New Disease
  3. Resistance Is Futile


- Disc 2 –

  1. Starry Configurations
  2. Chinatown
  3. Sea Anemone

- Disc 3 –

  1. Lemon Yellow Black
  2. Conrad
  3. King Medicine

- Disc 4 –

  1. I Typed for Miles
  2. Sweet Avenue

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