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Jon Hopkins // Opalescent (Clear Vinyl)

Just Music


Opalescent was originally released in 2001 and gives a glimpse of what was to come from the young producer. Although it's far from his groundbreaking work on 2013's Immunity, there are plenty of early aughts chill out vibes on the album. Fifteen years on, Opalescent serves as a testament to Hopkins' growth as a songwriter and producer. Twelve tracks in all. Released by Just Music on double vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve.

Release Date:  9/3/2021

Track Listing
  1. Elegiac
  2. Private Universe
  3. Halcyon
  4. Opalescent
  5. Lost In Thought
  6. Fading Glow
  7. Apparition
  8. Inner Peace
  9. Cerulean
  10. Grace
  11. Cold Out There
  12. Afterlife

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