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Just Friends have announced a new album, HELLA, due March 4 via Pure Noise (pre-order). If you're unfamiliar with the band, they sound straight out of the early '90s Lollapalooza era, with a multi-genre sound that pulls from punk, rap, metal, ska, reggae, funk, indie rock, and more, and constantly changes from song to song. The album includes recent singles "Sunflower" and "Stupid" (ft. Lil B), as well as the just-released "Basic" (ft. Lil B and Hobo Johnson). The new one has a chilled-out, horn-fueled, California reggae/ska/punk/rap vibe that sounds more than a little like classic Sublime. If you've got a place in your heart for that kinda thing, listen and watch the video for "Basic" below.

Release Date:  3/4/2022

Track Listing
  1. Love Letter
  2. Shine
  3. Honey (Feat. Nate Curry)
  4. Basic (Feat. Lil B & Hobo Johnson)
  5. Hollerbox
  6. Hot
  7. Sizzle
  8. Stupid (Feat. Lil B)
  9. Bad Boy
  10. Big Money Power Music
  11. Sunflower

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