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KDAP - Kevin Drew // Influences



Influences is Kevin Drew’s solo instrumental electronic project K.D.A.P. (Kevin Drew A Picture.) Written while hiking the forest trails of southern England, the record is a slideshow of intimate joyful moments against a backdrop of a world on fire, a rush-hour commute soundtrack for people stuck working from home, a celebration of survival and an elegy for lost friends. It’s a reminder that excitement and anxiety often elicit the same heart-pounding sensation. Out via Arts & Crafts.

Release Date:  7/16/2021

Track Listing
  1. The Slinfold Loop
  2. Hopefully Something
  3. Dooms Dive
  4. Shadow Rescues
  5. You And Me And Them
  6. Wilner’s Parade
  7. Explosive Lip Balm
  8. Almost Victory (Keep End Going)

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