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King Tuff // Smalltown Stardust

Sub Pop

Release Date:  1/27/2023


King Tuff, the project of Kyle Thomas, announces his long-awaited new album Smalltown Stardust, with a video for its lead single and title track “Smalltown Stardust.” 

Smalltown Stardust, which was co-produced and largely co-written with SASAMI, is “an album about love and nature and youth,” Thomas explains. Much like its lead single, the album is an ode to the cherished moments of inspiration and the small towns in which they are formed. Thomas pulled from his nostalgia for where he grew up, where he first nurtured his songwriting impulses, bouncing ideas off other like-minded artists. It’s a spiritual, tender, and ultimately joyous record that might come as a shock to those with only a passing knowledge of the artist’s back catalog.

Track Listing
  1. Love Letters to Plants
  2. How I Love
  3. A Meditation
  4. Portrait of God
  5. Smalltown Stardust
  6. Pebbles in a Stream
  7. Tell Me
  8. Rock River
  9. The Bandits of Blue Sky
  10. Always Find Me
  11. The Wheel

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