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Lady Gaga // Chromatica (Clear)



Chromatica is the 6th studio album by Lady Gaga. Featuring the single “Stupid Love”. Discussing the album’s concept with Zane Lowe, Gaga said:

"The symbol for Chromatica has a sine wave in it, which is the mathematical symbol for sound, and it’s from what all sound is made from, and, for me, sound is what healed me in my life period, and it healed me again making this record, and that is really what Chromatica is all about. It’s about healing and it’s about bravery as well and it’s really like, when we talk about love I think it’s so important to include the fact that it requires a ton of bravery to love someone."


Track Listing: TBD

Release Date: 5/29/2020

Category: Album, Lady Gaga, Pop

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