Leslie West // Legacy: A Tribute To Leslie West (Silver)

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When Leslie West passed away in December of 2020, he left behind a towering legacy of epic recordings that few rock guitarists can match. But there was more to West than great songs (although, to be sure, he created a ton of them); there was his brilliant, idiosyncratic sound, a gargantuan earth-mover that razed arenas and stadiums across the globe. More than just paralyzing tone, though, he also had a touch nobody could beat. Stinging, swooning and sensual melodies leapt from his fingertips - with a deft flick of his wrist, he sounded like a Delta bluesman had picked up a violin. These elements and more helped to make West one of the most significant, influential and irreplaceable guitarists of the rock era.


Release Date:  3/25/2022

Track Listing
  1. Blood of the Sun (Feat. Zakk Wylde)
  2. Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) (Feat. Joe Lynn Turner & Marty Friedman)
  3. Theme for An Imaginary Western (Feat. Dee Snider, Eddie Ojeda, Rudy Sarzo, Mike Portnoy, & Francesco Saglietti)
  4. For Yasgur's Farm (Feat. Joe Lynn Turner & Martin Barre)
  5. Why Dontcha (Feat. Steve Morse & Ronnie Romero)
  6. Sittin' on a Rainbow (Feat. Elliot Easton & Ronnie Romero)
  7. Never in My Life (Feat. Dee Snider & George Lynch)
  8. The Doctor (Feat. Robby Krieger & Ronnie Romero)
  9. Silver Page (Feat. Charlie Starr)
  10. Money (Whatcha Gonna do) / By the River - Medley (Feat. Bachman & Bachman)
  11. Long Red (Feat. Yngwie Malmsteen & Teddy Rondinelli)
  12. Mississippi Queen (Feat. Slash & Marc Labelle)

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