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Less Than Jake // B Is For B-sides (Clear Blue Vinyl)

Smart Punk Records

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(Clear Blue Vinyl) B Is for B-sides is a 2004 album composed of songs recorded for the band's 2003 release Anthem that did not make it onto the album.

Release Date:  9/4/2020

Track Listing
  1. Portrait Of A Cigarette Smoker At 19

  2. Sleep It Off

  3. Last Rites To Sleepless Nights

  4. Bridge And Tunnel Authority

  5. Goodbye In Gasoline

  6. A.S.A.O.K.

  7. Jay Frenzal

  8. Showbiz? Science? Who Cares?

  9. Sobriety Is A Serious Business And Business Isn't So Good

  10. Nine-One-One To Anyone

  11. Robots One, Humans Zero

  12. National Anthem

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