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Lightnin' Hopkins // Mojo Hand (Gold Vinyl)



deluxe reissue of the landmark 1962 album from country blues legend, Lightnin' Hopkins! • Includes such notable tracks as the ultra cool title track "Mojo Hand," plus "Glory Be," the novelty Christmas song "Santa," and more! • Includes all-new cover art and full lyrics! • Pressed on GOLD vinyl!


Release Date:  6/3/2022

Track Listing
  1. Mojo Hand
  2. Coffee for Mama
  3. Awful Dreams
  4. Black Mare Trot
  5. Have You Ever Loved a Woman?
  6. Glory Be
  7. Sometimes She Will
  8. Shine on, Mine
  9. Santa
  10. Shake That Thing
  11. Bring Me My Shotgun
  12. Last Night
  13. Walk a Long Time
  14. Lonesome Dog Blues
  15. Just Sittin' Down Thinkin'

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