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lovelytheband // finding it hard to smile

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Type: Album

[ Overview ]

The name of Lovelytheband’s debut Finding It Hard to Smile is misleading. It’s actually a really fun collection of bright-sounding arena-ready pop jams, even if the subject matter doesn’t always sound like it.

The group, formed in Los Angeles, consisting of singer Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price in 2016 quickly ascended with the monster streaming hit “Broken” in early 2017. It’s included here, but the instantly hummable jam isn’t the only high point of an engaging 16-track collection. “These Are My Friends” starts with a simple riff before bursting into a technicolor romp. The drums gallop forward before Collins brings forth a super-positive chorus in an ode to the important people: “These are my friends, these are my friends/I love them/And they don't care who you are”. It feels custom-made for a high school coming of age movie.

The album is a little subversive as well. “Coachella” seems like it may be about the titular festival, but it’s really a love song that compares it to one of those utopian concert weekends. “Maybe, I’m Afraid” follows that lead – it sounds like it could be a song about wanting to jettison a new relationship, but really, it’s about committing to it even when it’s scary.

Finding It Hard to Smile is a really confident, full-hearted debut. It’s sunny, full of memorable hooks and songs that feel organic and immaculately crafted but under a sheen that doesn’t detract from the sound. It’s well worth a listen, especially in these summer months where the sky feels open and anything is possible. That is the feeling Lovelytheband gives you with this record.


- Brendan Hilliard, Obviate Media

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[ Album Information ]

LP - Black


- Track List -
Side A: Finding It Hard To Smile - Pity Party - Make You Feel Pretty - Broken
Side B: Alone Time - These Are My Friends - Coachella - Filling A Void (interlude)
Side C: Your Whatever - Maybe, I'm Afraid - Emotion - Walk From Here
Side D: Stupid Mistakes - Make Believe - I Like The Way - Everything I Could Never Say...To You


Release Date: August 3, 2018
Record Label: Red Music