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Machine Gun Kelly // Tickets to My Downfall

Bad Boy

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Tickets To My Downfall is Machine Gun Kelly’s 5th studio album and first full project that is unabashedly rooted in pop-punk, following the platinum success of “I Think I’m Ok”. Produced by Travis Barker and containing previously released hits “bloody valentine” and “my ex’s best friend (with blackbear)”, the album is available on vinyl 11/6/2020.

Available in two different album covers.

Release Date:  11/6/2020

Track Listing
  1. title track
  2. kiss kiss
  3. drunk face
  4. bloody valentine
  5. forget me too
  6. all I know
  7. lonely
  8. WWIII
  9. kevin and barracuda (interlude)
  10. concert for aliens
  11. my ex's best friend
  12. jawbreaker
  13. nothing inside
  14. banyan tree (interlude)
  15. play this when I'm gone

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