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Marshmello // Shockwave



On December 3, Marshmello releases his 4th independent album "Shockwave" on vinyl via his label Joytime Collective.

"Shockwave" explores genres such as trap, dance, bass house, dubstep, tech, and everything in between. The album represents a gritty and confident sound, exploring a new territory while staying true to Mello's Joytime roots. Filled with an old school sound mixed with perfect new collaborators including Megan Thee Stallion, Juicy J, DJ Sliink, Sippy, Peekaboo, Nitti Gritti, Subtronics, Carnage and Troyboi.


Release Date:  1/28/2022

Track Listing
  1. Fairytale
  2. Supernovacane
  3. Jiggle It
  4. Vibr8
  5. Bad Bitches
  6. Back in Time
  7. Hitta
  8. House Party
  9. Candy Kid
  10. Pushing Stack
  11. Shockwave

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