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Metric // Formentera

Metric Music Int'l


Release Date:  9/30/2022


(Colored Vinyl, Blue, Indie Exclusive or Black Vinyl). 2022 album from the Canadian alt-rock band. Formentera is the follow-up to their 2018 album Art of Doubt. Named for an idyllic island near Ibiza off the coast of Spain, Formentera is a place that, for Metric, only existed on a page in a "dream destinations" travel book that lay open on a desk in the new recording studio that guitarist Jimmy Shaw built in 2020, in a rural hamlet north of Toronto. This is the setting where the band's eighth album took shape. Metric's sound is both genre-defying and genre-defining.


Track Listing
  1. Doomscroller
  2. All Comes Crashing
  3. What Feels Like Eternity
  4. Formentera
  5. Enemies of the Ocean
  6. I Will Never Settle
  7. False Dichotomy
  8. Oh Please
  9. Paths in the Sky

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