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Mom Jeans // Puppy Love (White W/ Green & Purple Spatter Vinyl)

Counter Intuitive Records LLC


The California-based emo band Mom Jeans. are back at it again with the album Puppy Loveout now on Counter Intuitive Records. With their previous debut LP Best Buds released in 2016 still holding strong, and countless cross-country tours, the expectation for the band to deliver a bigger sound on this new record was high. Best Buds was one of the most amazing breakup albums that came out in 2016, and of this generation of emo in general. Detailing the coping mechanisms of smoking weed and drinking 40’s with your friends with an overlying sense of depression is what made this album so relatable. The arrangements and songwriting had a simplicity to them in the sense that everything just worked. It all came together in the end and nothing was too complex, one instrument didn’t ring too loud over another. It’s one of the attributes that allows for listeners to put on their headphones and let this album flow without skipping a song. However, moving into Puppy Love, there was a certain hope that the band would flow into something a bit different

Release Date:  2/25/2022

Track Listing
  1. Near Death Fail Comp (Must Watch Til End)
  2. Sponsor Me Tape
  3. Glamorous
  4. I Left My Towel at My Friend's House and Then They Moved, Pt.1
  5. Pt.2
  6. Season 9 Ep 2-3
  7. You Can't Eat Cats Kevin
  8. Jon Bong Jovi
  9. Pickle Bart
  10. Now This Is Prodracing 

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