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Music Hall MMF-2.3 Turntable

Music Hall Audio


Type: Turntable

[ Overview ]

The Music Hall MMF-2.3 series turntables are 2-speed belt-driven audiophile turntables. Constructed using high quality components, the MMF-2.3 series has been simplified to focus on the critical components: bearing, motor, and tonearm. These well-appointed turntables come complete with a tonearm and music hall spirit cartridge precision mounted and aligned.


  • Gorgeous high gloss lacquer finish
  • Special Vibration Damping Adjustable Feet
  • Top Tier 8.6” Carbon Fiber Tonearm With Aluminum Headshell
  • Tonearm Features A 4-Point Gimbal Bearing Assembly Using Ultra-Precision Abec Bearings
  • Tonearm Is Fully Adjustable For Vta And Azimuth
  • Low Noise Fully Manual Belt-Drive Design
  • Separately Isolated Dc Synchronous Motor For Superior Speed Stability
  • Two-Speed Stepped Motor Pulley For 33 1⁄3 And 45 Rpm
  • Music Hall Spirit Moving-Magnet Cartridge With Replaceable Elliptical Stylus ($100 Value)
  • The Cartridge Supplied Is Properly Aligned And Mounted
  • High Precision Stainless Steel And Bronze Bearing Assembly For Quiet, Fluid Operation
  • High Quality Gold Rca Connectors With Detachable Phono Cable
  • Full-Size Alloy Platter And Felt Mat
  • Excellent Instruction Manual
  • Quick And Easy To Assemble
  • Dust Cover And 45 Rpm Adaptor
  • Available in the US only