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Night Beds // Ivywild

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Dead Oceans

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Night Beds, the musical project of 26-year-old Colorado Springs native Winston Yellen, received much acclaim for his 2013 debut album, Country Sleep, scoring plaudits for its tortured take on alt country and Yellen's soaring vocals. But Yellen has always been much more than another singer-songwriter. "When Country Sleep came out, I had never made songs like that before," explains Yellen, who currently splits his time between Nashville and Los Angeles. "That was a departure for me. That wasn't my bread and butter." The charismatic, enticingly unhinged Yellen had been living in a house that used to belong to Johnny Cash and the atmosphere had taken an effect, but after finishing that album and before Country Sleep was even released, Yellen began experimenting with the kind of melancholic, neon-tinged R&B that makes up the mesmerizing Ivywild.



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“In an age where white male singer/songwriter types are five to a dime, Yellen is a true rarity: a singer with both an astounding voice and a unique style… This album takes on the more fleshed out arrangements of its predecessor and blows them up to proportions no one could have seen coming.” - PopMatters

“This isn’t Yellen’s first time going electro…but it’s the first time he’s done it alone, and it’s surprising how effective this approach is for him.” - TheFADER

“The perfect, airy mixture of Fleet Foxes and Beach House… Yellen’s transition toward the electronic side of things will yield the same gorgeous results as his Americana past.” - Stereogum

“‘Tide Teeth’ has a real Drake, Weeknd vibe…It feels like warm bed on a snowy evening.” - Vulture


[ Album Information ]

2 180g LP - White
- Track List -
Side A: Finished - Corner - Me Liquor and God - Seratonin
Side B: Tide Teeth - Sway(ve) - [9_6] Slack-Jaw - Eve A
Side C: On High - Melrose - Lay Your Hands - All in Good Time (I Get You Wrong Interlude)
Side D: Moon Sugar - Love Steams - I Give It - Stand On My Throat


Release Date: August 7, 2015
Record Label: Dead Oceans

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