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Os Mutantes // ZZYZX (Olive Green Vinyl)

Beyond Before


Limited color vinyl pressing of legendary Brazilian psychedelic group Os Mutantes 2020 release. An album inspired by the mysterious Californian desert location of Zzyzx that takes listeners through the Mojave Desert and it's infamous Area 51 with a goal to break down the barriers of music made on Earth. This quirky new record keeps up with the bands trademark sonic collage approach and tendency for cultural irony, an aesthetic prevalent in Os Mutantes' music since their formation in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1966 and one which has gained them an always growing list of luminaries including the Flaming Lips, David Byrne, Devendra Banhart, Of Montreal and Beck.


Release Date:  3/4/2022

Track Listing
  1. Beyond
  2. Mutant's Lonely Night
  3. The Last Silver Bird
  4. Candy
  5. Gay Matters
  6. We Love You
  7. Window Mirrors
  8. Por Que  Não
  9. Tempo E  Espaço
  10. Zzyzx
  11. Void

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