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Pachyman // The Return of... (Pink LP)

ATO Records


As a young, university-trained musician looking to find his way in the tropical space, Pachy García (aka Pachyman) became obsessed with old Jamaican dub records like those from King Tubby and Scientist, determined to recreate the vibe in his own way. “I started recording myself and trying to emulate those old school recordings," Garcia says. The Return of Pachyman is entirely self-produced, featuring García on vocals, guitar, drum, bass, and keyboards.

Release Date:  8/13/2021

Track Listing
  1. Big Energy
  2. Champion Sound
  3. Destroy The Empire
  4. Sunset Sound
  5. Strictly Vibes
  6. Ruben Durazo
  7. Midcity Rockers
  8. Roots Train
  9. Foundation Sound
  10. Space Station
  11. Dub Fellowship
  12. El Benson

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